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What the hell did I just read?!


Snippets was inspired by A Short History of America by Robert Crumb.


I thought it was a good study on the passage of time between panels. Often, it's mere seconds. But in this strip, years pass by. And the environment tells the story through its progression. I didn't want to completely rip off the original strip, so I changed a few things. Instead of each panel being years apart, I did it by page. But within each page, time still passes between each panel, just in smaller increments that (I hope) make each individual panel stronger. But the idea of the location being the main focus of the story stayed intact. 

Also, upon doing some research on Robert Crumb, I found out homie is a racist piece of shit. I was still inspired by his strip, but I wanted to make sure that I channelled that inspiration through something that combated his own skewed view of the world. Specifically, that is explored on pages three and four. 

Snippets was entered into the 5x5 competition, where creative teams have five days to make a five page comic. Each team recieved a setting, prop, and a line of dialogue. I felt like this format would mean that I'd be able to impliment anything the judges gave me, and still be able to write the story I wanted to write, instead of one dictated by the props they gave me.

Snippets didn't win anything, but I'm incredibly proud of how it turned out. It was definitely a challenge working in such tight confinements, but at the end of the day, it was an experience that strengthened my inspiration and drive. 

This is what the judges gave me

Setting: Paper Mill

Prop: Propeller Plane

Line of Dialogue: Is it Mack or Mark?

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