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You may be thinking "That's a big picture!" Well, it's my site and I can do whatever the hell I want.

Yo, whatup? The name's Morgan. Bios are usually told in the third person but again I can do what I want. I was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1993 to a Flight Attendant and a Marine. That's just about as American as you could've gotten in the mid nineties. I grew up in the sweltering sun beams of Los Angeles, where plastic barbie dolls and aimless ambition shaped my world view. I am currently living in San Francisco. I have a BA in Creative Writing from SFSU that I received in the Spring of 2016. I enjoy microwaved cookies and doing things the hard way. I also enjoy all things nerd. Literally everything. Well, except Medieval stuff. I could care less about who can and can't lift up Excalibur. But throw it in space and call Magic "The Force", then we can talk. I'm African American and a Hemophiliac (do your research), so issues regarding diversity and underrepresentation mean a lot to me.  I'm an aspiring comic book writer and journalist. I co-host a podcast called the Melanin Minute and I currently review comics for Black Nerd Problems.




Salvador Perez was Born in Canoga Park California on November 4th, 1992. Throughout his life, he turned to art as a form of escape and as a form of comfort. He used different mediums to express his consciousness and creates bridges that form visual connections between his viewer and himself. Perez uses his history to drive his work into a compacted art form. This gave him a unique perspective on race, economy and emotional health. He strides to create a connection between the secretive distress one has emotionally with his work to form a moment of relief. Salvador earned his BA in  Studio Art and Art History at San Francisco State University in San Francisco. He is striding to become a curator and teach art to both the youth and adults. His end goal is to help others find a visual representation that will allow others to speak their mind in ways that words cannot. 



Anthony was born and raised up and down the coast of California. He currently resides in Portland, OR with his soon to be wife, two terrible cats, and a pretty awesome dog. 

When he's not writing, you can find him buried in a book, asleep on the couch, or trying to con his way into the comic book industry.

Favorite Movie: Blade Runner 2049

Guilty Pleasure Song: "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction

Celebrity Lookalike: Topher Grace or Kyle MacLachlan, depending on the day.

Co-host of From Bad to Worse.



Los Angeles x Houston x San Francisco: Communication major and Journalism minor. 

Aspiring Journalist, Comic Book writer, and Chai snob.

Co-host of the Melanin Minute.


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